Kaya’s Marijuana Connoisuer Strain of The Month of September. . **Courtesy of Mindful Canna Portland Oregon. This is some powerful gas. even for the most seasoned. Better than what my current local dispensary has in stock!! Carries a Mindful of 26% THC!! Here are some pics for my fellow connoisseurs to drool over.

Featured Strain of the Month Mindful Kush
Mindful Kush Top Shelf Indoor Exotics

My favorite edibles on Planet earth!! if you would like to master the correct recipe for decarboxylation and proper preparation of edibles cookies, just ask. I will be happy to share my secret ingredients!!

Hint there is a method of infusion that can yield up to 80% more out of your thc extractions!

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Email compassionatecare845@gmail.com for details. Thank you, Positive vibes to all.

Live Life To The Fullest,

Your friend and fellow connoisseur, Kaya

Check out my gummy project!!!!! I ordered bigger molds. It is just like anything else. Trial & Error. Practice Practice Practice!

Thc Infused Sweet & Sour Gummy Bears Wroms
Thc infused gummy worms & bears